Monday, April 17, 2006

Life is too short...

... to eat crap food.

I'm a big believer in eating good food. If it's bad, don't waste your time eating it if it's just going to leave you complaining. Don't get me wrong, I don't like wasting food either.

I'm one of those people who enjoys eating and doesn't mind paying a lot of money if the food is really good, ie. pleasing to the eyes in presentation, smells amazing and brings such joy to my tastebuds. And if it's reasonable in price too, then it's a bonus. I'm also a big fan of home cooked food freshly prepared.

Monday night I headed into Sanners with Cheryl and met up with Sue Yen and I took them to 'Mil Tacos', a new mexican restaurant that just opened up under the train tracks. I passed it the other day and took a flyer. It just opened early this month and still smells of new paint. It's a very small place but colourful, with friendly staff and tasty-licious tacos! One taco is 380 yen or you can get two for 720 yen. They also have taco rice and omu-taco rice (kind of like omurice - Japanese omelette and rice thing). They also have cranberry juice! and a range of beers and a whole shelf of gold tequila.

We also stopped by the takoyaki stall and had a few chilli mayo takoyaki balls. Yum!


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