Saturday, April 29, 2006

I don't do Karaoke

I spent most of my morning doing laundry and cleaning. But with the scent of white tea and bamboo floating through the air in my apartment, I didn't mind.

In the evening I met up with Leigh, Alison and Marissa and we went to a turkish restaurant - the name which I've forgotten and can't pronounce, but I've been there once before. The food was quite nice, especially the dips and cheeses.

Then we had chocolate croissants and ice cream in the park while listening to some crazy punk group. The lead singer had long, mane-like blonde hair with horrible black regrowth and was screaming/shouting and rolling around on the pavement in his grey, baggy trackies (sweat pants). Interesting.

We met up with Sam and then headed to Junkara (Jumbo Karaoke). This is only my 2nd time going to karaoke while I've been in Japan. I'm not a fan of karaoke but I actually had a good time which didn't require us to be very drunk and belting out Queen.

Sam & Alison doing Johnny Cash

Leigh doing his weird 'Hai Irasshai' song

Sam singing while the girls do interpretive dance

Some random crazy Japanese guy who stumbled into our room and asked if he could bring friends

Then Takashi joined us afterwards. Highligts would have been Leigh & Marissa's 'A whole new world' duet, Sam & Leigh's 'Baby got back' duet and Alison's 'Oh happy day' Sister Act 2 performance.


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