Sunday, April 09, 2006

Hanami in Osaka

On Sunday I was invited by Noel and Mari to their capoeira hanami picnic at Osaka Castle Park. This was my second time there - my first time being when I was on exchange.

It's quite a popular place for hanami parties and was very crowded. Blue tarps, food stalls and pink petals surrounded the moat and castle.
Of course when capoeiristas get together, there's bound to be capoeira action. The guys from PowerArts drew in a huge crowd with their performances.

Mari and her berimbau

A few of us decided to walk around the park to see what else was going on.

Now this is how it's done - it smelt so good. I can't believe they lugged their own bbq's out, unless they have a car.

Noel (who took this shot): "You need to be taller to make this a better shot" Ha!

There was even a Malaysian Tourism stall set up with freshly made roti prata - yummo

D, Luke, me, Noel, Simon and our new drummer friend

This group of people invited us to try out their drums, taught the boys how to do the 'Dance of the Dragon god' (complete with fangs and claws) and gave us cans of beer and chu hai.

This group was playing Okinawan music

D trying to scale the walls but he ain't no ninja

Then we bumped into this flower mascot guy taking photos with little kids. We waited our turn and turns out he's not a butterfly, not a bee, not a peach head boy ... but a flower fairy. Obviously.

Walking out of the park on the way home, we spied this guy in his underwear dozing under a tree.

"That's what happens to Japanese men. The more they drink, the more pink they get and the more clothes come off" - Simon.

I make eye-contact, smile and take out my camera. The dude quickly jumps up and wakes up his mate, who is also only clad in boxers and socks, and they so kindly pose for me. Nice.

This band was pretty funky but the dude in the camo pants and yellow glasses was MONEY. We don't even know if he was part of the group but he was dancing away a la robot style to the music right next to the band. He was wearing an avex track t-shirt and holding a packet of Calbee chips.

"Let's call him Mister Calbee." - Marcia

Mister Calbee made my day - oh yes, he was freakin' awesome! Whenever I need a good laugh, I just have to watch the video footage I took of him. Simply gold.

I like floor shots. This one is in Osaka station.

Afterwards I met up with Sue Yen and we went shopping, though we didn't buy anything. Then headed to Elephant Cafe for some pad thai, beef pho and dessert. Monday Funday was a day early.


At 4:50 pm, Blogger Laura said...

Ohanami in Osaka park is mad isn't it? Sooo much peoples and so manys alcohols. I loved the guys in their undies!! Hehehe.

You got some great shots.

At 2:21 pm, Anonymous Melissa said...

Your photos are absolutely amazing Christine!!! You should quit your day job and become a photographer!! The cherry blossoms are so beautiful - Japan is definitely my next travel destination after Europe, pity you won't be there to show us around! Take care and have fun, love Mel x

At 3:58 pm, Blogger cat said...

At first I was thinking the guys in this post are sort of attractive. And then I got to the 2 semi-naked guys.. hmmm .. no thanks.

You do take great pics Christine, keep 'em coming!

Cat xox

At 2:11 am, Anonymous adelyn said...

Hi there! I've been reading your entries for a while now and I thought I'll drop a note to let you know how much I enjoyed them! I love all your stories about japan and the stuff you do, makes me want to go and experience them for myself, like the cherry blossoms! Really nice writing and pictures to go along with it so keep it up! Cheers! :)

At 10:25 pm, Blogger Christine said...

laura - Thanks, yeah it had a really great atmosphere. "Me sees you is very better England teacher to." hehe

melissa - Thanks! Yeah, they are beautiful in real life and really brighten up the concrete cities in Japan. You're going to have such a blast in Europe.

cat - Heya! Which guys were sort of attractive? haha Mr. Calbee? The blossoms were amazing so taking good shots of them wasn't so hard to do.

adelyn - Hi, thanks for dropping by and am glad that you enjoy my blog entries. Yes, you should definitely experience Japan for yourself - you'll love it!


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