Monday, March 13, 2006

You Eeeiiidiot! Number - I lost count

On graduation day I was washing my hands at one of the staffroom's little sinks and still being tired from the night before, I was spacing out thinking about what yummy bento we would get for lunch today because it was graduation and we got one last year.

So I wasn't really paying attention and my hands kinda bumped the top of the tap and sprayed water everywhere! That is, right onto my pants so it looked like I had a bladder problem or accident. Luckily I wasn't wear my light brown pants but the water still showed up on my grey pants. *YOU EEEIIIDIOT!!!* Not only that but as I jumped back and turned around I saw that the water had also sprayed onto the crotch area of Judo-sensei's pants! (who was waiting behind me to use the sink too) Thank goodness he was wearing black pants. How embarrassment.

There we were drying our pants off (crotches, really) in front of the gas heater with me apologising and doing a lot of the head bowing thing. But I couldn't help laughing at how retarded I am. Judo-sensei laughed at me too.


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