Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Where did the sun go?

I spent the morning at home cleaning out my old room. Man, do I have a lot of junk.

Karen dropped the kids off while she went to an appointment. After putting Sean to bed, my dad's idea of babysitting was dropping Callum in front of some cartoons. So I sat with Callum and watched Transformers, Mr. T and Jem and the Holograms (as soon as I heard the theme song I was like NO WAY!?! and rushed closer to the screen than Callum. Damn, she was my hero). I asked him all sorts of questions and he gave me funny responses, some which I couldn't even understand but just nodded my head. We played with Lego (the same ones my sister and I used to play with) and had to teach Callum how to share when he shouted, "Aunty Christeeeeeen, tell Seany to go away. Don't you ever be here again!"

To get Callum to eat his lunch I said I would let him have some oranges, so I cut them the way I like to eat my oranges - thin circle slices. We had so much fun eating oranges with juice running down our arms and dripping from his elbows. He sure does know how to make a mess.

We had promised him that we would go swimming today but the weather went crap and it started to rain. Poor little guy - he was so excited too. He ran into the house with his swimming bag and told me what was in his bag, "My hat, Seany's hat, mummy's swimming stuff, my sunglasses, my swimming jocks" hahaha

When it started to rain he ran to the glass door and complained, "Awwwwww maaaaan!" (he definately got that from Karen) "Go away rain!" "It will stop raining and then we can go swimming" "It's not raining." I felt so bad that I even considered filling up the bath tub so we could have a 'warm swim', but we decided to lie on the floor and draw pictures instead.

This is my favourite. I couldn't stop laughing when he said this was 'mummy' hahahaha

Too cute.

For dinner we went to Bibik Chans (Hey Ambray!) and pigged out on satays, gado-gado and curries.

Andrew trying to get Callum to smile with his teeth showing

Karen, Sean, Thibe, Lionel & me

Brendon, his mum, his sister Felicia, mum & dad

Then it was to Sue Yen's house for poker and watching the Commonwealth Games.


At 3:28 pm, Anonymous Mama BoK said...

What a cool aunt you are..!

At 3:43 pm, Anonymous Q said...

man i miss those hang out times at SY's house =/

and why does bel look super super happy in all your photos ;)

At 10:48 am, Blogger Christine said...

mama bok - haha yeah, I try ;P

q - because she's happy to see me! haha


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