Monday, March 20, 2006

When home doesn't feel like home

Sue Yen arrived Monday and we met up.

She picked me up and it was a funny, surreal feeling hanging out with her, cruising in her car, eating and shopping. It was just like in Japan - just like a week ago, but this time we were back in Perth and not having to wait for trains or walk for ages and I could wear my heels and not have to worry about charging my ipod, bringing my gloves or forgetting my scarf. I kind of felt naked not wearing my thermals under my jeans. But it was nice to have that feeling of how my life was before Japan.

I went out to dinner with my aunt and grandma at a Chinese restaurant. Roast meats hanging from hooks and dripping with oil - now that's what I'm talking about. Delicious. Yam duck and kailan with garlic - tasty.

Dad, Aunty Maggie, me, Poh Poh & Mum


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