Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Wedding

Finally...the day we'd all been waiting for.
The wedding ceremony was held in the morning at the top of the Swan Bell Tower. With a string quartet, beautiful blue skies and smiles all round, it was a perfect day.

Michael's sister and Rui - the beautiful bridesmaids
But the most beautiful was Marina in her gorgeous white dress and signature smile - beaming with happiness and radiating that glow.

I couldn't help but tear when I saw her walk in with her dad. She was stunning. I turned to Sue Yen next to me and she was tearing too.

Congratulations! Wishing you guys the very best as you start your new lives together.

The wedding dinner reception was held at Burswood's Grand Ballroom with about 300 people in attendance and a delicious chinese banquet. It was such a great night being with old friends to celebrate the marriage of one of our dearest friends. You're one lucky guy, Michael. Not only is Marina beautiful both inside and out but she is the cooking queen - as in she can cook for a house full of Indonesian students!

The bride and groom's first dance

me, Sue Yen, Rui & Pamela

J & J - my favourite twins

Money shot

Marina changed into two dresses for the night. She first entered the ballroom in her white wedding dress, then later changed into a bronze halter dress (unfortunately I didn't get a photo of it), then into a pink dress which matched Michael's pink shirt. And the cake was deeeelicious!

Rui & me - a long way from Japan

I love this shot of Marina! Everybody loves a good train.

Saj & me

Money shot #2

Yen & Mike - next in line to get married, going off to Grease Lightning

Let the games begin...

The girls (single and not engaged) had to go on a treasure hunt for things like a pair of guy's shoes. I managed to survive round 1 (I got Marina's older brother's shoes as some chick had already beaten me to Brendon's shoes - new ones which we bought the day before!). Then we were instructed to wear them. Bugger that! I was too tipsy, tired and in no state to play any games, plus dessert (mango pudding) was being served! The next task was to get a guy's jacket and put it on inside out. Round three was to find a pair of cuff links and we had Pam still in the running represting our table. Next was a postage stamp but proved to be impossible so it got changed to anything Versace.

Pam's classic comment: "Versace? Who the hell wears Versace these days?!" hahahaha

The winner ended up being the chick who got Brendon's shoes - lucky shoes indeed! She won Marina's hugeass bouquet.

The game for the guys involved push ups. When the DJ said "up", they had to go up and when he said "down", they had to go down. Brendon ended up coming second because he went up before the DJ said "up". The guy who did win was in the army haha

"I just wanted to win"

Oh no you didn't!

The prize was getting to take off Marina's garter with your teeth!

After the speeches, eating, photo-taking, drinking, merry-making and burning up the dance floor with our freakin' awesome dance moves to ABBA and Michael Jackson, we said our goodbyes and hit the casino and the Sports Bar to meet up with the others.

Frances & me

Brendon & Janlyk

It was good to be able to catch up with Janlyk as well. He was flying out the same night as me and Sue Yen, to join Poe in Seattle. All the best with Microsoft, Janz!


At 5:24 pm, Anonymous Q said...

I love that photo of Mike and Yen - going off to Grease Lightning?!? haha *classic*

At 12:39 am, Anonymous B said...

ahhh ... was a good week wasn't it? see you soon in august.
always, B

At 1:37 am, Blogger sy said...

super super sharp shooter!!!
cha ching alright
those are awesome money shots babe!!!
hehe we must do a swapsies

great post.. really does capture the day.. can't believe its over..

At 2:51 pm, Blogger Christine said...

q - It was too funny!

b - Is this b as in belinda or brendon? haha anyways yes, it was a good week indeed.

sy - No worries, next time you're over bring your USB key. Yeah, all that waiting and then it just flew by!


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