Thursday, March 02, 2006

TV Commercials

Before the end of term, I'd been doing TV commercials with my 2nd year OC class.

We even got computer-sensei to come in and videotape it all. The kids were hilarious and so inventive!

Here are some of my favourites;

Super Garlic

A: I was walking one night. [walks]
B: Wow!! (I think this was meant to be like a scary noise like ‘Raah!’ because B-san enters the classroom wearing a vampire mask)
A: Look at this garlic! [Jumps back in surprise and falls over then gets up and takes some garlic our of his pocket]
B: Wow! Give me a break!
A: Next day I was walking again. [walks] Then…
B: Wow!! [enters the classroom as a scary vampire again]
A: Look at this garlic! [Jumps back in surprise and falls over then gets up and takes some garlic that is painted GOLD out of his pocket]
B: What is this strange garlic?
A: This is super garlic!
B: Super garlic? Give it to me. [snatches the GOLD garlic and runs off]
A: Umm…[shrugs] Please compare another company’s garlic with super garlic. Vampires and Count Dracula love it. Super garlic!
B: Please buy one.

Their acting was superb, not to mention the GOLD garlic. It was as if he took one from his kitchen and used a gold pen to colour it ALL in.


A: Oh, look! Look! Does the person go bald? [pointing]
B: I think so!! [pointing and laughing]
C: Is it me? I will wear a wig. I will go to buy it!

B: May I help you?
C: Give me a wig! I’m trouble plenty…
B: Well…how about a wig? [takes out a white wig made out of plastic bag strips]. It is a very popular thing now, “Ikkyusan!”
C: Oh, sounds good. Can I try it on?
B: Of course!!!
C: [puts on wig] It fits my head perfectly…how much?
B: 100 dollars.
C: Really!?!? Very cheap!! I will be able to try to wear at once!!

A: Is he a last person??
B: Oh!! He wears a wig!!
A: Really?!? I don’t seem to wear a wig. That is very good.
B: I understand it with the dry wig which I saw having come off last time!!
A: Sympathy!!
C: Though I made it a wig, with much effort…it is a shock.

A: However, he lived happily afterwards. A wig changes your life. A person going bald will buy a wig!!

I love the 'Sympathy!!' bit and the wig was classic.

Super Eraser

A: Good morning!
B: Good morning!
A: Hi Tomioka. I bought funny thing yesterday. Look this!
B: What is this? This is common eraser isn’t it?
A: No! This is super eraser! It is everything quench!
B: Everything quench??
A: Look!! [uses eraser to rub out something]
B: It is normal. It is not super in the least.
A: Sorry. One more time looking! [uses eraser to rub out his thumb and holds out his four fingers]
B: That is great! Your finger is quench!
A: Thank you. So it is super!
B: But…can you return your finger?
A: ….Oh no!
B: [turns to audience] Attention to quench!

'Attention to quench!' - I had to try not to laugh everytime they said the word 'quench'.


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