Saturday, March 11, 2006

To market, to market, to buy a fat Shoei

Am I an awesome girlfriend or what?
It's a rhetorical question, thank you very much.

After doing my laundry, cleaning and having a very long and funny conversation with a sales guy from Nankai, I headed into Osaka to get Brendon a motorcycle helmet.

I probably clocked up over 3 hours of travel time all up. This involved me taking a local train, then swapping to a special rapid train, then changing to the subway and then taking a bus and walking (x 2).

I went back to Nankai in Senri-chuo where Brendon, Warren and I went earlier this year. Luckily I could remember how to get there and recognised all the landmarks ie. BMW, Mercedes, Kawasaki, Porsche.

I was so tired afterwards but still wasn't ready to head home. In Sanners, I dumped the helmet in a locker (man, it's huge and bulky! there goes my hand luggage space) and after doing some shopping for my trip home, met up with Sue Yen after work and we went to Aarti for dinner. We had the spinach, pesto lamb curry and the tomato, capsicum chicken curry with plain nan, roti prata and salad. Very tasty, very stuffed. (nice hair cut babe!)


At 2:20 pm, Anonymous W said...

Good work Aunty... you just have to pick up a helmet for youself now!


At 11:44 pm, Anonymous B said...

Yes, I adore her :P

At 4:30 am, Anonymous Mish said... must get a lot of excercise in Japan! ALL that shopping!

Can't wait to see you back here!

At 10:04 am, Anonymous W said...

what shopping?.. exercise?... its all about the helmet baby yEAHHH


At 2:30 am, Blogger Scarlett said...

Well, you realise after all that hard work you get to inherit Bren's old helmet which is a well awesome helmet I have to say.

You well deserve. We'll have to go for a ride when you get home!


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