Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Taking it easy

Being only a short trip, I decided to take it easy and spend more time at home and with my family.

Karen came over with the kids and Mum cooked a huge ass plate of noodles. It was nice to just catch up with my sister and play with the boys.

Then Rui picked me up and we headed up to Garden City shopping centre to meet up with Marina and Sue Yen. It was just like in high school - sitting in the food court and chatting. But this time we were talking about hen's nights and weddings. Crazy. These girls make me laugh and I'm so happy for them that they're doing what they want to do and enjoying life.

In the evening Bonnie picked us up for dinner in Subiaco. Thanks babe for organising everything! Yen - love the new apartment! We went to the Social on Station (the old Bravo's) - nice decor but not very impressed with the service or the food - perhaps they were just having a bad day but it wasn't busy at all. Definately prefer it when it was Bravo's. Though it didn't matter because it was just so good to catch up with the girls and see how everybody was doing.

I'm definately going to miss the service industry in Japan. I know it's all part of the job but it really does make a difference. I was so shocked at how rude people were in Perth - even when they were doing their jobs (though I did come across some great service too). Sure, we all have bad days but there's definately no need for f'attitude.

The kindness I've be shown from complete strangers and the extra effort and help the Japanese offer (it's not because I'm a foreigner either) is amazing. Although in anywhere you go, you get good apples and you get bad ass, rude mofo's. Japan is no exception. The 'muri' mentality and rigid ways can also be just as annoying.


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