Friday, March 31, 2006

Saying goodbyes

On Thursday night I met up with Warren in Sanners and took him out for a farewell and thanks-so-much-for-all-your-help dinner. We went to Sapna then St. Marc cafe for chocolate croissants. Gonna miss you matey and all the best with wherever the future may lead you next. Perhaps back to Japan? hehe

I also found out which teachers will be changing schools next year. There are about 14 of them! It's quite sad too because I've developed good relationships with a lot of them. I could feel tears creeping into my eyes when we said goodbye on their last days. Even in basic English and basic Japanese, it was so sad. It's just not going to be the same without Young-maths-part-time-sensei, Bakamono-leader-baseball-sensei, Tea time-sensei, Can-speak-good-English-soccer-sensei and a few others. Even the ones that don't speak to me much but always give me a warm, sincere smile and "Ohayogozaimasu!"

On Thursday I went out to Gusto (family restaurant) for lunch with Young-teacher-that-sits-next-to-me-sensei. He passed the Hyogo exam to be a proper licenced, full time teacher last year so they usually get placed somewhere rural for their first school.

In his sweet, new ride Toyota Surf

On Friday, Tea time-sensei (who will be moving to Cheryl's school) took me out to a sushi restaurant and then to a Reve Chef cafe for our 'last date.' haha Reve Chef is a gourmet dessert shop famous around this area. There are quite a few take away shops around Tarumi station and the neighbourhood but I didn't know they had actual cafes. We both had the day's special which was tea cake smothered in fresh cream with fruits and two scoops of ice cream. We were so full! Even though his English wasn't that good, Tea time-sensei would always ask me questions and was so interested about different cultures. I would teach him useful expressions (Have a good weekend! See you tomorrow! Take care!) and test him every now and then.

Friday night was Warren's farewell party at Cafe Absinthe in Shinsaibashi, Osaka. Very nice bar and the food wasn't too bad either. Lots of mates came to farewell Warren and he seemed to have a good night, busy catching up with everyone. Met some very nice people too - hot mama J, who is Korean but with her fluent Japanese could easily fool anybody. I couldn't believe she had a 5 year old son! and 19 year old Chuso (?) who works with Warren teaching English at a juku school and also at a Kyoto ryokan.

I should have left when they had left, as when I got a taxi back to Osaka station, sprinted out to the gates (it was quite an amusing race alongside a salary man who got out of the taxi behind me - I caned it down the stairs but he beat me navigating through people and the sharp corners) we were 2 minutes late for the last train. We both stood there for a few minutes catching our breath, defeated.

I ended up splitting a cab with Noel and crashing at his place - Thanks again so much!!!!
I would have done an all nighter but I had to go to Kyoto the next morning. Still, 5 hours sleep is not cool.

With Warren

Hisashiburi Drew! Back studying in Hawaii, just visiting for a week

With Noel


At 6:18 pm, Anonymous Mish said...

Oh Christine...just like to ask a little itty bitty favor. Can you get me some postage stamps from Japan? (they can be used). I was going through my stamp collection (yes i'm a geek) and I only have one Japanese postage stamp! If you could that would be coool :D but if you can't...then that cool too hehehe

At 6:59 pm, Blogger rui said...

hey chicky babes
that pic of noel and you looks exactly like karen and ur bro in law. hahahaha!

At 9:58 pm, Blogger Eunice said...

Hi. Found your blog through Karen's, and i was about to say the same! The picture of you and Noel looks ALMOST like Karen and Andrew!

Love reading about your adventures in Japan!

At 3:53 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI ... You don't know me, but i came apon your sister's site one day and then came upon yours, you both are amazing writers, just thought i'd say hi ...

At 2:45 pm, Blogger Christine said...

mish - heya! No worries, I'll get my hands on some for you.

rui - hahaha'exactly'?!? how long have you known me!?! By the way, did you get my email?

eunice - hahaha err... no (again) but at least you said 'almost' as opposed to 'exactly'. Thanks for reading and dropping by!

Stephanie - Hi right back at you! Thanks for dropping a line. My writing isn't all that well planned, rather just me rambling on so I have a somewhat diary to look back on when I leave Japan. My life is really quite normal, it's just that being in Japan ups the interest factor a lot more.


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