Friday, March 24, 2006

It's all in the company

On Thursday night Brendon took me out to dinner at Borsalino Ristorante in Nedlands.

It was initmate, excellent food, great wine, delicious dessert, wonderful service - a perfect evening. Highly recommended.

On Friday night the Choongs invited a few of us over to their new place for dinner. This was the first time for me to see Mr. & Mrs Michael Choong as I was away for their wedding. Love the house guys - it's awesome! Michael is one very lucky man. Lien is an amazing cook and she cooked up a feast for about 13 of us ~ pasta, sheperd's pie, salad, chicken and the very yummy hazelnut cheesecake balls. So very impressed! Thanks so much for having us guys - you definately are the hosts with the mosts, especially with Yeo's lychee drinks.

Michael, Lien, me & Brendon

I had to leave early to meet up with Jez (down from Geraldton for the weekend), Felicia and Sarah for coffee. I haven't seen Jez since Ben's wedding so it was really good to see her, catch up and see the rock on her finger!! Congrats to you and Matt!

We live different lives now but it's always a blast when we all catch up and I haven't laughed so hard in ages reminiscing about the good, the bad and the very ugly. Chips - we missed ya. haha


At 8:34 pm, Blogger Girl Kae said...

Omg, callum is so cute! and your sister looks just like you!

At 10:25 pm, Blogger Loreen said...

Very upset I wasn't there for the reminiscing. Looking forward to catching up with what I have missed when we are all back for Jez's wedding.


At 5:29 pm, Anonymous marcus said...

so good to see photos of familiar people.. i miss home :\

At 10:54 am, Blogger Christine said...

kae - yeah he's a cheeky, little monkey. haha you reckon? I dunno, slight similarities - yes, but not fully.

loreen - heya! Hope you're doing well. Jez's wedding definately! Can't wait!

marcus - How's NS Mr. Wan? Commissioned officer now aye? Does that impress the ladies? hehe


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