Thursday, March 16, 2006

Holiday so close I can smell it

The past few days have been extremely busy and tiring. After work I would rush home to do things like dropping off dry cleaning, picking up dry cleaning, tutoring, cleaning, ironing, buying gifts to bring back home, frantic packing and everything else in between.

On Tuesday, Winter decided to drop in for an uninvited visit. It was snowing! umm Spring? hello?! Tuesday was literally White Day (the opposite of Japan's Valentines Day so the guys give presents to the girls) as there was snow covering the ground as I made my way to school. Judo-sensei gave me some white kit-kats. Awww.

Today it was raining neko's and inu's (cats & dogs). Yes, strange weather indeed. I was walking home from the bus stop with Mika-san, both of us with our umbrellas being battered by the strong winds and rain. We were completely soaked, even with our umbrellas.

Soaked through to my thermals and socks

Afterwards there's a knock on my door. Cheryl is on my doorstep saturated. She was on her way to the station and walked by my place, luckily my lights were on. She comes inside and dries off her pants and socks in front of my heater. It was just too funny. Miss Birthday girl herself, sitting in her underwear as we chat over a cup of hot, Turkish apple tea as if it was the most normal thing ever. Happy Birthday hun!

I headed into Sanners to do some last minute shopping but the train was delayed for 55 minutes! By Japan standards, that's unbelievable! Having to wait just 10 minutes due to a delay is outrageous. So by the time I got into the city, most of the shops were closed. Not impressed. I had dinner at Deli Cafe to pass the time then took the subway to Tanigami to meet up with Sue Yen after work. She had so kindly offered to bring back some books and omiyage for me.

Seeing that my time in Japan is slowly coming to an end, I have to start bringing back all the stuff that I've accumulated during my time here. And boy, there is a lot. A lot in my head, which luckily doesn't weigh a thing, and a lot in my closet. Eeeks!


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