Friday, March 17, 2006

Cheryl's Birthday

To celebrate Cheryl's (I won't disclose her age but she definately doesn't look it!) birthday she had organised a dinner with a few good friends.

We headed to the new Korean place near our place for the first time and it certainly didn't fail to impress. With only one lovely lady running the little restaurant (with the help of her young daughter who spoke good English) we instantly fell in love with the food and friendly service.

I think we may have found our new Korean place. The other one up the road (that was so good) has been shut down for good. It's bright, red roof now painted over brown. Both Cheryl and I were devastated. But this new place is just as good.

The night was very entertaining with the drunk, old Japanese lady sitting next to us deciding to get in with the gaijin conversations. She was having a jolly ol' time with her 4 bottles of Kirin...and these were the BIG bottles, not the small ones. Assuming I was Japanese, she started rattling off to me and all I could do was turn to Krystal, who's Japanese ability far surpasses mine, for help.

The owner lady even gave Cheryl a present (Korean soap) after she found out it was her birthday. So sweet.

Krystal, Katie, me, Dave, Cheryl & Felicity
As small as Perth is, I don't think I would have been able to meet Cheryl back in Australia. Our lives are so different yet she has become one of my dearest friends in Japan. If not for being in Japan on JET and both living in Tarumi, I probably would have never known the kind, funny and down to earth person that she is. Happy Birthday Cheryl - hope you had a good one!


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