Sunday, March 26, 2006

And in a was over

Today was recovery day. Went to church and it was nice to catch up with family and friends. Spent most of the day cleaning and packing my half empty suitcase.

Had fish & chips, Gelare's ice cream and il Ciao's chicken caesar salad take away at Brendon's place. Said goodbye to my parents then headed to the airport and met up with the others.

It was a strange feeling. Although I was 'home,' I was looking forward to going 'home' to Japan - where my bed and routine is. I thought I would be fine seeing that I was only back for a week, but when I got to the gates I felt bad for leaving again and guilty for putting him through it again and then the tears came. Thanks to those who came to the airport - much appreciated as I know you had work the next day.

Sue Yen and I were on different flights so she went in first. But when I went into the departure lounge I saw her sitting there sending messages from her mobile! We sat there for a while talking and thinking about settling back into Japan again. She made me smile at the mention of St. Marc's chocolate croissants. It felt strange, indeed. "See you in Japan."

It was good because I knew it was the last time I would have to go through the goodbyes again, but it was also sad knowing that I was now on the last legs of my stay in Japan. The next time I'd be at the airport, I would be saying goodbye to Japan.

I'm going to miss Japan a lot.


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