Sunday, February 26, 2006

Why is there no bacon in my house?

Too much going out and too many late nights mean more time spent in bed the next day.

I woke up with a huge craving for bacon and eggs on toast with tomato sauce and a cup of tea. I had everything but the bacon.

Just as I got out of the shower I heard the kero-man driving along. I've been waiting for him for ages! I ran out of kero awhile back and he only comes around my area on Thursdays late afternoons (before I get back from work) and Sunday mornings. Only those of you who have lived here through the Winter know what I mean, unless you have the luxury of central heating (ha!), gas heaters or whatever - I don't want to know.

So basically the kero-man is like Mr. Whippy. He drives around very slowly with this song playing through his huge ass speakers. Over and over and over again. Instead of dishing out soft serves and ice cream cones with Cadbury flakes and sprinkles (yumm), the kero-man dishes out kerosene. Just as tasty.

People line up with or leave their distinguishable blue kero tanks outside and he brings warm goodness, peace, love and heat into our cold, cold lives. He is pretty much as close as you get to your neighbourhood hero, except he doesn't wear a cape but his English ain't too bad.

Anyways, so I just step out of the shower and have to race down to get my kero before I miss my chance. I can hear the song slowly fading away as I pull on my jeans. Bra? There is no time for clothes! I throw on a zip up jumper, grab my wallet and my blue kero tank and run as fast as my slippers will take me. And just like all dramatic moments, ofcourse it's raining.

But the happy ending to my story is that I get my kero tank filled up, warm up my house, get changed properly, take a 3 minute walk to my mini co-op, pick up some bacon and juice then fry me up an awesome brunch.

I decided to take it easy today and actually get some household chores done. I eventually headed out around 7pm and went to Sanners. I had a QMT night doing little things that make me happy;

  • Spending ages in Junkudo browsing books (I left with 2 books).
  • Spending ages in HMV listening to music (I left with 1 CD).
  • Going out for dinner - I went to Sapna and the mini-course is so not mini. I was stuffed! Mutton curry, full nan, tandori chicken, salad, chai and I ordered a mango lassi on top of that (I left with a very full stomach).
  • Spending ages in a flower shop looking at the fresh flowers, inhaling bouquets and being amazed by the colourful arrangements (I left with some irises).


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