Tuesday, February 14, 2006

V Day strikes again

So it’s Valentines Day again and where would I rather be?
At The Prodigy concert in Osaka, damnit!

I’m so annoyed at myself for not getting my act together and going, even if it were by myself (only in Japan), you’d think I would have learnt after missing out on the Beastie Boys last year.

But with plane tickets to pay off (don’t worry Marina, you know I wouldn’t miss your wedding!) I really couldn’t afford to. Hmm.. unless I lived off bread and water for awhile, damnit! Why didn’t I think of that before! Also because I sent money home, I couldn’t afford to make it to the Returner’s Conference in Yokohama and now I’m kicking myself for it.

We didn’t have any classes today because junior high school students came in to sit the entrance exams. Japanese history-sensei who sits in our row brought along a box of Morozoff Valentine chocolates. There were beautiful – in taste, smell and presentation. I’m sure I already mentioned last year that V Day in Japan works differently to V Day back home. Only girls are meant to give chocolates or gifts to guys on February 14th and on White Day (or otherwise known as Marshmallow Day) March 14th, the guys are meant to give chocolates or gifts to the girls. Ofcourse there is the ‘giri-choco’ or ‘obli-choco’ which is like obligation chocolate that you give to your workmates and bosses as a means of establishing and maintaining happy work relationships.

I had my adult English class that night and all the ladies brought something sweet. Chocolates, biscuits, love heart-shaped rice crackers – the works. I love this class. They’re the most sweetest, kindest adopted family/parents/grandparents ever. I’m going to miss them so much.

My ‘special date’ that night saw me lying on my heated carpet in front of my heater craving a nice glass of red with some hot Italian. Read: Wood-fired Hawaiian pizza. Instead I warmed up a Beard Papa’s chocolate fondant (Thanks Cheryl!!) and had it with vanilla ice cream and strawberries.

That’s about as hot as it got.


At 12:03 am, Anonymous Irene said...

Oh my... chocolate... yummy... mind to give me a taste? ehhe... anyway happy belated V day to u!

At 9:18 am, Blogger Christine said...

Irene - Thanks sweets! Hope you had a better day than me. Trust me, Beard Papa's chocolate fondants are an experience not to be missed.


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