Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Time for some bling

One of my ESS girls likes all things sparkly and glittery. The other day she excitedly pulled out her keitai (mobile phone) to show me what she had done on the weekend.

She bling-ed it up.

So one day when I was browsing through a shop I came across some keitai bling and decided to bling up my phone. You know, to make my phone a bit more interesting and feminine. But on a much smaller scale than my student's. The next day I proudly showed the teacher who sits next to me and he just shook his head.

Also I forgot to mention that on my birthday, I walked into the staffroom and was greeted by my re-contracting form sitting on my desk. Waiting for me. Just waiting. The decision has been going through my head for quite awhile now but still my head and heart can't seem to agree. I know it's time to step back into reality and leave my Japanese bubble but there's still so much to do, to see and to experience. I can hardly get my head around that my 2 year stint is nearly over. I'm already beginning to realise what I'm going to miss about this place and my life here. But then at the same time I do miss home, the boyfriend, my family and my friends.

I'm pretty much over the teaching thing but I'm still not over Japan.


At 11:06 pm, Anonymous Sylvie said...

Are you staying for the 3rd year? I admire your courage and drive to stay in a foreign land, far away from loved ones.

I enjoy reading your postings.

At 10:50 am, Blogger Christine said...

sylvie - Heya! No, I've decided to return home and won't be recontracting for a 3rd year *mixed feelings* Thanks for your kind words and thanks for dropping by.


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