Saturday, February 25, 2006

Rock & Roll

Tonight I headed to Ryan's Pub for the Habitat for Humanity Benefit Concert. This group (which includes Miako & Jen) are heading to the Philippines over Golden Week to help build a house for a family in need.

I left Lisa's a bit earlier than the others. Felicity and I ran to the bus stop (damn girl, you can run! and think I ate way too much) with me puffing behind her and repeating in between breaths "Couldn't we just hail a taxi?" but we made it in time.

As I train-ed it home I was desperately trying to rub the tattoo off my face. No such luck. It just kept getting redder and redder and I hoped that I wouldn't bump into any of my students. As I was waiting to change trains at Nishi-Akashi, I look over and see some 1st year girls from Awaji. How embarrassment!
"Is that a flag on your face?" Yes.
They were off to Porto Bazar for some delicious pizza.

I legged it back home with the disturbing thought that I might actually have to rock up to Ryan's with the Australian flag on my cheek. However after much rubbing and a variety of make-up removers, it was off and I didn't even have to put on blush.

Met up with Hana, Sam and Sue Yen - thanks for the prime seats guys! It was good to see and catch up with some familiar and not so familiar faces.

Got to hear Danny sing and play. You did great - so very impressed!
The second band played some good songs too. Not too hard and their jam session was awesome, including the Japanese dude on the zither(?) zahir(?) - I have no idea.
The last band, which totally rocked the place, was Whiplash. Hard rock.

Chris is the lead singer. He's a 3rd year JET from Hawaii and is also who gave me my current adult eikaiwa class. He's really nice, speaks excellent Japanese and with his long, black hair, you can tell he loves his rock & roll.

Katsu, Megumi (and her husband) and Ayako also came down to watch him play too. They got the place rockin' with Highway to Hell and Thunderstruck, complete with groupies and fist-pumping action. Dressed in all black, true rock & roll attire no less, Chris is a brilliant performer. We all agree that he is the Hawaiian version of Jack Black in School of Rock. Exactly! You guys were awesome.


Band-aid wannabes

The second band

Hana & Sam's power nap

Cameo with Yoshi & Katie (previous at the Oz day bash)

Yoshi is from Osaka and has been living in Perth for 2 years and was just back for a holiday. Katie only recently met him when she went back for Christmas. Small world - yes.

Katsu & me

Katsu, Megumi and her husband

Megumi, me & Ayako


"We love you, Whiplash!"

Afterwards we headed to San Marks cafe but it was closing and we could only get take away choco cro's. No matter. So we headed to MacDonald's instead and ate them there with our drinks. Oooh delinquency. Rock & roll was running through our veins that night.


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