Saturday, February 11, 2006

Oh, what a night!

Well it was that time of year again for my annual belated birthday celebrations. Although the Sky Buffet last year was all a gaijin could ever ask for, I decided to try something different and about 25 of us headed to the Indonesian bar, Becak.

We had one of the party plans which included salad, mee goreng, rice, beef rendang and a freek drink. We pretty much had the whole place to ourselves and Simon, the owner dude, was very nice and accommodating - thanks for having us and for the birthday shot!

Originally from Jakarta, he followed his Australian wife to Japan intending to stay only a month but ended up setting up the bar and has been living in Japan for the past 5 years. Wow!

The food was good, especially the very spicy rendang, but with gaijin stomachs to feed, unfortunately I don't think there was enough for everyone to be well fed. But it was a nice atmosphere with great company and very interesting cocktails.

Big thank you shout outs to all of you who came down and made my night. I really appreciate it and hope you all had a well wicked night. I had a smashing time, except the deep and meaninful conversations with the beloved porcelain prince, and I didn't yak on the train - yay for me. I blame that carribean cruiser aka evil rum cocktail and the chichi aka sweet pineapple malibu boob milk.

A few of my favourite mates weren't able to make it because they were heading to Tokyo/Yokohama for the Returner's Conference. Sorry, my bad on the timing but you were missed!

Also mecha arigatou's to you guys who waited up for me, took care of me, walked me to the train station and Cheryl, oh ever-so-kind and lovely Cheryl, who walked me home and made sure I got into my apartment safe and sound.

Love you all

Thanks for the hub money Josh and the alphabet magnets from the Quiz night gang - I love them!

Dan refusing my offer of help and scooping out his rice with his broken wrist/arm from the Taj ski trip

Chris, Lucia, Lisa, Jon, Cheryl, me & Krystal

Sue Yen, Rob, Amanda, Alison & Takashi

Dan, Rachel, Roman & Zack

Adrian, me, Sam & Hana

Rob, Amanda, me, Alison & Takashi

me, Naho & Aaron

Zack, me, Tomomi & Dan

Sue Yen & me

me & Simon

Maya & me

Chris, me & Sue Yen

Lisa & me - it was all downhill for me from then onwards

Leigh & me (holding his gym membership card?)

Zack & me

Adrian, me & the carribean cruiser

me, Josh, Roman & Ethan

Tomomi, Aaron, Naho & me

Dan, Nick & me

Walked into the private room in time for a round of Happy Birthday and Rachel's rendition of Wildthing

Sidenote: Christina - Thanks so much for the necklace - it's beautiful! Everyone commented on it that night. xox


At 1:51 am, Blogger Scarlett said...

You're more than welcome darling. Sounds like you're living it up! Love it!

At 10:55 am, Blogger Christine said...

Hey girl!

Miss you like a warmth/lamb/ beach/boyfriend/sun-deprived foreigner in Japan misses Perth... and that's a lot!



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