Thursday, February 16, 2006

Odaijini Cheryl-san!

I hope she doesn’t me mind writing about this because she doesn’t like to be fussed over but Cheryl might or might not have to have a minor operation. Nothing really serious she assures me but still, one can’t feel anxious about going under the knife in a foreign country. She’s become a really good friend I can rely on and appreciate during my time here in Japan and I don’t think I would enjoy living in Tarumi as much if she wasn’t my fellow Tarumi neighbour.

After school I thought I’d cheer her up and left her a box of shu-kurimuus (custard creams puffs – sorry they didn’t have the chocolate ones we love), bunch of flowers and a handmade V-day card (dig my origami skills aye?) in her letterbox. Hope they brightened up your day sweetie and know that if you need anything…ANYTHING!! Don’t you even think about having second thoughts, just call me!!
Kiyotsukete kudasai!


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