Monday, February 20, 2006

Monday FUNday

Monday-itis is a too common disease that effects everybody.
So after last Monday night's last minute shinanigans, Sue Yen and I have decided not to be victims anymore and take some serious action. Thus 'Monday FUNday' was born.
I usually feel and look like crap on Mondays (I blame the moon) so we've decided that the remedy is to have Monday night outings.
We met up in Sanners and did some shopping (shirt & bargain op shop-ish dress) then headed to Tapas - spanish styled dining. I always pass by the restaurant on the way to the KR&AC and it always smells so good.
The decor: dim lights, wooden tables, comfy chairs, matching colour scheme
The staff: friendly, attentive, one waiter was a hottie & left-handed (he took our second and I saw him write it down but then a few seconds later another waiter comes up to clarify the order - the broccoli salad and water. I think I have to work on my pronunciation)
The food: you could order tapas-sizes or normal-sizes of the dishes, beautifully presented, oh-so-delicious, definitely going back!
The vibe: inimate, cosy, very romantic (ro-man-chi-ku) for a date, yet also relaxed and perfect for catching up with a friend
Also I'm a big fan of mangosteens. I love all those tropical fruits that bring me back to childhood holidays - fresh durians, mangoes, rambutans, longans, lychees. I guess that's why I'm a big fan of Dita, the lychee liquor you get here. Anyways, Tapas has mangosteen liquor!! That's defintely worth 5 monday FUNday stars right there!
We had some broccoli salad with proschuito, a potato, mushroom and chorizo salad, margarita pizza and another pizza I can't remember

Mangosteen Tropical

My sirloin steak on gorganzola risotto

Sue Yen's fish

We didn't try the desserts there (next time!) because we were craving choco crossaints from San Marks cafe. Accompanied with a russian cafe (San Marks famous chocolate drink with an espresso), Monday-itis was no where to be seen.

On the way there we past these vending machines that also sold snacks - Kit Kats (the aweseome mayple syrup ones!), mentos and chip star chips. Yay for Japan.


At 9:07 am, Anonymous Bron said...

Maple syrup?? I must find this holy grail of a vending machine!

At 5:35 pm, Anonymous Jon said...

OMG Chip Stars - way to many were consumed on a recent snowboarding trip to Niseko :p <3 chipstars :)

At 11:10 am, Blogger Christine said...

Bron - Where have you been?!? I haven't seen you in AGES! Not even at the mid-year seminar *tsk tsk* The maple syrup ones are THE best! From JR Sanners station central exit, follow the port liner tracks down towards the ocean (south), the vending machines are on the left side of the road at an intersection somewhere before the KR&AC. May the force be with you.

jon - You went to Niseko?! Lucky thing. Heard it's awessome there with serious powder action. Chip Stars = too tasty.


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