Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday already?

I only had one class today, the graduatoin ceremony is tomorrow and exams start on Wednesday, so I decided to have a laid back class.

First we listened to Lauryn Hill's version of Can't take my eyes off of you and the students and to fill in the rhyming blanks. Then we listened to Dido's Thank you (idea from Claire) and in groups, the students had to arrange the lyrics which I had made into sentence strips.

Do you know what day it is? That's right. It's Monday FUNday!

After work I headed into Sanners and while waiting for Sue Yen, I headed to Starbucks for a hot beverage to wake me up. I had just paid and was waiting for my cafe mocha-no-cream-thanks while I was oohing and aahing over the delectable looking chocolate mud cake things in the cake cabinet.

The guy who served me then reaches from behind the counter and takes out a plate of delectable looking chocolate mud cake things cut up into sample pieces with toothpicks. Let's call him Tanaka-san (because all the guys in my Japanese text books were called Tanaka). Tanaka smiles at me and offers me a sample. My eyes light up as I take a piece and put it in my mouth. It's tastes amazing. He then offers to take my toothpick and disposes of it. Tanaka's mate down the end of the counter calls out my order. Tanaka bows with a hearty "Arigatougozaimasu!"
"No, Tanaka. Thank YOU!" I smile.

I meet Sue Yen at Tittie Park (other variations are Boob Park, Tit Park and I'm sure a whole lot more). It's a popular meeting place in Sannomiya and bands usually jam there. It's not really a park, just cement slabs and mounds that look like boobs. But what I don't get is that there are 3 of these mounds, not 2.

We decide against shopping today (plus our wallets don't allow it) and we head to La Pausa for some pizza, pasta and dessert. We were so full we had to scrap choco cro's from our itinerary. It was great to just sit back, chat, catch up, laugh, reminisce, discuss and play 'guess the song' - most of them being tracks easily found on 90's Hottest Hits Machine Volume 1-12.

After we roll out, we head to Break Nine and Tabata-san sets us up nicely. We play a few games and laugh at how unco we have become. Once killer pool sharks in high school but alas no more. We have decided that we need to put a time curfew on Monday night outings as sleep deprivation is not cool.

Thanks babe! I had oodles of fun and that last song by Real just came to me! Another Night booyah! *fist pump into the air*


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