Saturday, February 04, 2006

A little slice of heaven

Went to the gym again and the highlight would have been going into the funk class and seeing the t-shirts some of the ladies were wearing.

There was a red t-shirt with a yellow smiley face and "Homeboys" written across the front, and then there was a pink one with "What boyfriend?" printed in silver glitter. Love it.

Headed into Sanners for dinner with Sue Yen, Hana, Sam, Leigh and Kana. I took them to Warung Bali - thanks for the directions Dan! The place is quite small so make sure you get there early. The food and desserts are really good. We had gado-gado, tofu goreng, goat kebabs, beef rendang (very spicy and tasty but the serving was quite small), some spicy noodle dish and mertabak (their version was more like spring rolls but it was still very good).

For dessert, we had the coconut sherbert and pisang goreng (deep fried bananas) - highly recommended.

After a purikura adventure, we went to Saint Mark's Choco Cro cafe for the famous chocolate croissants. I've always walked past that place and it always smells so good but I've never actually sampled any before. So with very good reviews from the rest of the gang, we went in for some chocolate croissants and hot chocolate.

They were 'orgasmic' - Leigh's word. I have found my new love. These croissants are simply deeeelicious. A combination made in heaven. A slab of chocolate rolled up in puff pastry with nuts on top, baked until golden brown and crispy with the chocolate melted to a beautiful velvet texture that not only looks like amazing, but tastes freakin' awesome.

I had a very special moment in my mouth, and only chocolate and I were invited.


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