Friday, February 24, 2006

Getting out

After school I met up with Cheryl at Fouquets.

Fouquets is an amazing cake shop which has little stores all around. Their cakes, pastries and biscuits are delightful to the eyes as well as the mouth. You can tell they mean serious dessert business because the waitresses wear black and white french-maid looking outifts, kinda like Miss Mauds back home.

We each had one the Winter-only specials and I had a cup of organic coffee. It was so nice to relax and catch up. I'm so glad she is okay after the operation. She also gave me insight into the Japanese hospital system - raising a few laughs and eyebrows. Chotto.

Afterwards I met up with Clay and took him to Malibu for dinner. I missed out on his birthday celebrations on the weekend when I was in Okayama. We had the tomato and basil pasta and pizza with poached egg on top, banana honey shake and pineapple 'smoosie'. I like the smoosie.

Then we headed into Sanners to shoot some pool at Break Nine. While waiting for a table, we went to Chey's for a drink. Tabata-san is very friendly and since he's wearing a billiards vest, I know he's hardcore. He even came over and set up a trick shot for Clay. I haven't played pool for ages, I forgot how fun it was.

Clay & Tabata-san


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