Sunday, February 12, 2006

Dear alcohol...

There is no easy way for me to do this but I just have to say it as it is. Straight up. I don’t think this relationship we have is working out. I think it’s best if we end it once and for all. We both want different things, we’ve grown apart and you just don’t seem to make me feel how you used to.

It used to be so good before. Lots of fun times and good memories but now, well I think you know. Things always end up getting ugly and I always get hurt. You make me do things I wouldn’t usually do and I always wake up the next morning with regret in my head. You’re no good for me. That glassy-eyed state you put me in – it’s dangerous. I’ve tried to be fair and reasonable but you just don’t care about my feelings and I feel so betrayed.

And I know you’ve been with other people. Don’t deny it. I can see you in their eyes, smell you on their breath. This is it. You and I are no longer. It’s over.



At 1:07 pm, Anonymous Mama BoK said...

Hehehe!! very cool.. letter.. ! i like it.. :)

At 11:53 pm, Blogger irene said...

i like it... =)

At 6:19 pm, Blogger Christine said...

mama bok & irene - Hey thanks! Glad it put a smile on your faces. Here's to a more healthy relationship aye? =D


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