Sunday, February 19, 2006

Chillin' in Okayama

Check out at the ryokan was at 10am.
We were so tired, buggered, knackered, hungry - all rolled into one hazy state as we made our way to the station and had breakfast at 'bagel & bagel'.
'bagel & bagel' is this excellent cafe that has an assortment of bagel breads, toppings and other delicious treats. There is one near Umeda station too.
Some went home and some of us decided to have a look around the city, famous for Momo-taro (famous Japanese childrens story about a boy born out of a giant peach who fights demons on demon island with the help of his dog, monkey and bird friends).

Okayamajo Castle

Straight out of a lego box

Inspired by Jenny's photo

After a look at the castle with some 1st year Perth JETs, I met up with Miako, Zack and the Brit boys to chill out in one of Japan's most famous 3 gardens; Okayama Korakuen Garden. (The other 2 are in Kanazawa - been there, done that and Ibaraki-ken - yet to experience). Although it was winter and alot of stuff was brown and dead, Miako did point out that the muted colours were quite lovely and zen. Zack also pointed out that we could appreciate the winter edition of the trees and flowers. Rightly so. It was very peaceful and beautiful - just what we needed after the night of nakedness.

At the tea house

Me & Miako smelling the Jasmine - oh so sweet!

Miako, Zack & Danny

The Brit Boy band

I love this photo

A towering Zack standing on a rickety wooden bridge, mesmerized by the giant koi

Zack: Hey, check out that sign.

Me: Random. Let me take a photo.

Zack: The guy's wearing a helmet. He looks like an army dude. He looks...

Me: ...a little groovy?

"Texas Select or Fosters?"
In the foreign food store with Zack & Danny

These photos appeared on the front page of the local newspapers.

Zack is in this one

All that mist is actually steam from all the hot, sweaty bodies swaying together in the middle of Winter. Nice.


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