Monday, February 13, 2006

And the eating continues

After school on Friday night, the Bakamono club held another meeting. We went to an izakaya in Sanners and kampai-ed for many occasions; one teacher just got married, one teacher is now a proud first-time father, my birthday, another teacher’s birthday, the fact that it was Friday after school – any reason really.

I’m really going to miss these guys. Although I don’t completely understand all of the conversations that are going around, they like to practise speaking English and explain things to me and I get to practise listening and speaking Japanese in a more relaxed, informal environment. I get to know them better outside of school and also get to try many tasty dishes, desserts and drinks that I wouldn’t normally get to try.

In the staffroom I always fill my cup up with ice from the ice machine box and then pour hot water into it so I get room temperature water to drink. We don’t have a drink fountain so I had to improvise. Today, baseball-sensei looks into my cup as I’m walking back to my desk and jokes, “Gin & tonic?” to which I reply with “Mochiron!” (ofcourse) and we both end up laughing about it for 5 minutes. He is one cool cat.

My body is still on shut-down mode from the weekend so I decide not to go to the gym and push myself. A nice quiet one in front of my beloved heater and on my beloved hot-carpet seems to be the perfect hot Monday night plan. However these plans are soon aborted as I received my JLPT exam results in the mail. I passed! Just scraping through with a low lame-ass pass, but still a pass is a pass. Yay!

Decide to go out to celebrate and head into Sanners where I meet up with Sue Yen, Hana and Sam (congrats buddy!) and we have dessert at Chocolate Republic. Yes I know, on a school night *gasp* we like to live dangerously as you can see. Chocolate Republic is very rich, very aromatic, very expensive, very indulgent, very toothsome and very much deserved.

Action shot of Hana & Sam


At 1:35 pm, Blogger Adriene said...

heya, ive been following ur blog for the past few weeks. i like reading all ur stories about what its like to live in japan as a gaijin. keep it up :)

At 6:16 pm, Blogger Christine said...

adriene - Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. You should come over here and try it for yourself - I'm sure you'd have a blast too.


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