Sunday, January 22, 2006

Yay for weekends


Headed into Sanners in the evening. Surprisingly the train was over 15 minutes late. Doesn't sound like such a big deal but in Japan, it is. Japan is known for it's on-the-dot trains. Being on the dot or a little bit late, I can deal with. It's the being early and not-waiting-to-leave-at-the-time-stated-on-the-timetable buses that drive me insane.

Did some shopping and met up with Hana and Kana. Seriously. We went to Deli Cafe in the Sannomiya JR station for coffee and dessert - mine being a delightful caramelised nut tart thing. Then we went to Chey's House for a drink and met up with Sam and Leigh, who had just come from a bucks night.

Hana - Thanks for the message babe. It was great to catch up - you always have such perfect timing!


Headed into Osaka in the afternoon. While waiting for Sue Yen, I went to the Deli Cafe in the Osaka JR station and had a mixed fruit shake and raspberry & cream cheese danish. Yum! By chance Sue Yen spotted me walking past, looking down typing away on my keitai. Osaka station is huge. It's always so crowded and she only happened to notice me because she thought,
"Hey, that girl has a really bright, red scarf. What the? Is that Chris?"

We went to Yodobashi Camera to buy some electronic goodies then I took her to Elephant Cafe. I was so impressed by that place on new year's eve that I had to go back again to try more stuff. We had the pad thai, warm thai squid salad with lemon grass and fried spicy chicken with 3 dipping sauces. Very tasty. Although the lemon grass bits in the salad were hard and pokey - chotto abunai. It took ages to pick them all out but it was better than getting our mouths sliced up. Dessert was the Sweet chocolate cake thing and the White chocolate baked cheesecake. Both weren't that great. I knew I should have gone with the Berry mountain.


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