Friday, January 06, 2006

The quest to find the motorcycle store

"I want to go to this motorcycle store."
"Umm, in Osaka."
Er yeah, where in Osaka?
"I don't know."

Brendon in Osaka

Osaka is a freakin' huge ass city. She sprawls out with thousands of high rise buildings, underground malls, twisted little back streets, secret paths and even reaches into the country side. The city alone is a maze. No, make that an evil labyrinth where places look the same but they're not. All in all, she's a b*tch.

I had oringinally put Osaka down as one of my preferences to be placed in, but thank goodness I landed in Kobe. Sure it's a great place to party, eat out and shop but I prefer the cleaner, less crazier, less crowded and easier-to-navigate Kobe.

Even before he came over, Brendon was going on about wanting to find a cool motorcycle shop with floors and floors of wicked accessories, awesome gadgets and things you couldn't get back home in Perth. Apparently there's this motocycle heaven place in Tokyo somewhere called Motorcylce City, but alas he didn't know about it when he first came over and we were actually in Tokyo.

Well finally the time had come. We had browsed through heaps of websites and with the help of Warren, an Osakan resident (thanks so much for your help!!!) we headed into Osaka and found Corin, a popular motobike store that has it's roots in Tokyo, Ueno. But it seemed to be more for cruiser bikes and didn't have the brands and stuff that Brendon was looking for. So we asked one of the workers where we could find the stuff we were after and he was nice enough to point us to the direction of their competition, Nankai.

Here, Brendon was able to ooh and aah over the accessories, helmets and jackets while Warren and I entertained ourselves with the bike stickers. In the end, Brendon bought a leather jacket, it wasn't even a Japanese brand, but it looked good and he hadn't seen it in Perth.

I'm glad he likes his new jacket. I'm sorry to have rushed him but I felt bad for Warren waiting around and we had plans to meet Larry for dinner. Sorry babe.

That's right. Larry was in town! He flew in from Singapore that morning and was crashing at Sue Yen's. Sue Yen had work so he was out exploring Sanners by himself. We met up for dinner and took him to the really good izakaya on the 3rd floor and then Sue Yen joined us afterwards for dessert.

My nashi yoghurt cake and aloe ice cream

Sue Yen & Larry with their royal milk tea ice cream parfait


At 11:22 am, Anonymous Q said...

oh my goodness! Larry in Japan! how random!

At 11:30 am, Blogger Christine said...

hahaha yeah I know hey!
SY was like "Oh yeah by the way, Larry is coming to Japan" but we had fun.


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