Friday, January 20, 2006

Hyogo Mid Year Seminar

The Hyogo mid year seminar was held fron Thursday to Friday.

Overall it was a lot better than last year's one. I still managed to get lost on the first day (with Tez and Clay) but learnt from my mistake and caught a taxi from the station the next day.

The best thing about these get togethers is being able to catch up with people and faces that I haven't seen for ages, probably since the last conference. About over 400 Hyogo JETs descended upon Kobe and started the partying on Thursday night.

After the first day I headed to The Hub and had a few drinks. I also met a lot of the 1st years and a few of the new Perth crew. I wasn't planning on having a big night because it was only Thursday and we still had one more day to go. But then we headed to Second Chance for cheap eats. Their Happy Hour lasts till 9pm and all drinks and food are half price. I had the taco rice and the highly recommend ebi-mayo; fried prawns with whole grain mustard mayo sauce.

It was pretty much empty when we got there but then slowly more and more JETs came through the doors and soon it was packed as. After several dita-orenji's, a B-52 shot (courtesy of Clay - thanks matey!) and a mini tequilla shot (courtesy of the bar guy - domo arigatou!), I decided it was time to head home before the last train. I managed to get home, shower, have a cup of tea and then crash.

Jon & me

Chris & me

Brendan, Clay, me & the bar dude

Joe, Zack, Jon & me

Zack showing us how it's done (with Jon's supportive ass-slapping hand)

me & Lisa

Carrie & the rubber chicken

After the next day I headed home before heading out to the KR&AC for Miako's birthday charity fundraiser dinner. She's taking part in this year's Habitat for Humanity trip to the Philippines and they need to raise money for the building supplies needed to build a home for a family in need.

So Colin (CIR), Luis (some 1st year JET) and herself were auctioned off with dinner vouchers to some local haunts, just in time for V-day. They managed to rack in a fair bit of money and it's all for a good cause too. The food was really nice, for those who managed to get some, but they didn't make enough so the all-you-can-drink was extended. The chocolate mousse cake was heavenly! It was really good to catch up with everybody and even hit the dancefloor with none other than the dancing queen herself, Lisa from NZ. I met a lot of new people in those 2 days so I can't remember all their names but I think it was Alex from UK, Josh from Canada and a few of the Perth boys were quite impressive on the dance floor too. They had it going on.

With the birthday girl, Princess Hyogo

Lisa, Jenny, Katy & Emily

Lisa & me

The auctioners and auctionees

me, Cheryl & Chris

Tarumi girls - Krystal, me & Cheryl

me & the gorgeous and bubbly Karen from Perth (with Micah in the background)

Chris & Alex (who Lisa claims to be "the 2nd white boy who can dance")

Katey & Lisa

Perth boys doing the robot or the praying mantis, I think

me & Noel


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