Thursday, January 26, 2006

Happy Oz Day!

Happy Oz Day kids!

I propped up my Aussie flag on my desk today and gave out fun-size Milky Ways for the occasion.

But that doesn’t compete with what Cheryl did. Much respect girl! Here’s a photo she sent to us fellow Aussie JETs on what she did that day.

Yes, I got her permission first if I could post the photo up and yes, that is an Aussie flag tattoo on her cheek, Aussie flag draped over her like a cape and yes, she is wearing a green and gold T-shirt with Australia on it. Hardcore!

After school I met up with Cheryl for a belated birthday and Oz day celebratory dinner. We headed to Brazil again where we had yet another amazing and filling dinner. Cheryl had the ABC set, where you got to choose various dishes from quite a delicious selection, and I had the Sukiyaki set (it was quite a large serving, tasty and full of meats, veges and tofu). They were out of soft serve ice cream so we couldn’t have any parfaits. Instead we ordered normal ice cream with chocolate sauce and a sprinkling of nuts. How delightfully toothsome! (This was actually a word I found in my thesaurus for ‘delicious’ during one class.)


At 5:23 pm, Anonymous Cindy said...

This is freaky. I got onto your blog from your sister who went to high school with my sister.. and what makes it freakier, your friend Cheryl, I used to work with her back in Perth (RFI was th name of the company)! :O

Talk about 6 degrees of separation!!

At 5:31 pm, Blogger Christine said...

Cindy - Heya, yeah talk about Perth being such a small place, that's crazy! I told Cheryl and she says "Hello!" If you'd like her details, send me an email and I'll forward you hers.


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