Saturday, January 28, 2006

Chinese New Year Eve

Woke up late because I went out to dinner with some teachers last night. Did my usual routine of laundry and cleaning then headed to Osaka to meet up with Hiroko.

It was really nice to meet up with Hiroko again. Hiroko was a Japanese student I had met in Perth about 5 years ago in uni. Through some programme, my Japanese class was teamed up with some visiting Japanese students who were in Perth to study English for 1 month. They were able to practise their English and we were able to practise our Japanese. She really enjoyed her time spent in Perth and I remember taking her out to Ohnamiya for dinner with another Japanese and Korean student.

We met in Osaka, her home territory, and she took me to E-ma shopping department for lunch at this cosy Japanese buffet izakaya style restaurant. The food was really good but I tried not to stuff myself so much. Her big news was that she got married last year! She showed me a photo and she looked gorgeous in her white wedding dress. We chatted, did some window shopping, had tea then parted ways.

Then I headed into Sanners to do some shopping. I got distracted and bought a jacket. When I was trying it on in front of the mirror I realised I was missing one of my earrings. How retareded am I? Evidently, VERY! I can't believe I've lost yet another one of my earrings! Rui - it was one of the ones you gave me last year - gomen!

So I back tracked as best as I could but gave up soon after *sigh* Though it was slightly comforting to know that I'm not the only one. As I was looking quite shady walking up and down the shops with my eyes fixed on the ground, darting into every corner and under every table, I spyed an earring on the floor. Unfortunately it wasn't mine.


After giving up I headed to Motomachi to meet Sue Yen, Cheiko, Hana, Sam, Leigh, Keita and Sasami for dinner in Nankinmachi aka Chinatown. Being Chinese New Year Eve, Sue Yen and I wanted to check out the festivites and eat chinese food. We saw the 'black light' dragon dance which was quite cool, then headed into a restaurant for our CNY reunion dinner of chilli prawns, chop suey, fried chicken, spare ribs and some beef stew thing.

It was interesting to see chinese food in Japan. I guess each country has their own standard and take on another country's cuisine. We were craving sweet and sour pork, spare ribs, crispy chicken, honey lemon chicken, chill salt & pepper spare ribs, combination clay pot and kai lan with garlic, but those usual favourites found in any local chinese restaurant back home weren't on the menu.

Then we headed to The Lockup, where Amanda, Rob, Steph and Adrian were having dinner, and joined them for drinks.

I can only imagine all the tasty treats and delicious dishes being served up at my family's reunion dinner back home. It's time like these that I wish I was back home with my family and friends - oh and the ang pows too.


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