Sunday, January 29, 2006

Big Trouble In Little China

Now that was a classic moive. Kurt Russell at his finest I reckon, and Kim Cattrall too. Why didn't they ever make a sequel?

Headed back into Chinatown again tonight to see the lion dances. Though it just wasn't the same without the very, very loud drums and gongs, and the very, very loud firecrackers with it's smoke lingering in the air and shredded red paper covering the floor.
But they did have plenty of lanterns, hot bowls of tasty noodles, dumplings, duck burgers (like peking duck) and sweet Chinese treats. Even bought some "peanut cake" - the melt-in-your-mouth kinda ones which are powdery on the inside and lethal if you inhale. Yum.

Nothing says Chinatown more to me than roasted meats hanging on hooks in the shop windows Dripping oil and fat is optional

Who else but Monkey and Tripitaka

Pigsy was handing out flyers

Sandy was no where to be seen

Once the drums started going, this guy was going off!! Like seriously. He was clapping and keeping in time, oooh-ing and aah-ing and gasping in awe. He was extremely entertained and for us, the entertainment.

Sue Yen with duck burger and siew mai

Along with some very comfy Juicy Couture Ivy League socks, Sue Yen also got me some earrings for my birthday, to replace the favourite ones I lost last month. Thanks babe! I love them and just your thoughfulness really puts a smile on my face. You rock! xox


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