Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Samui Samui

For the past few nights Cheryl and I have been eating out around Tarumi.

Her excuse is that she's going home for Christmas and doesn't have any food in her house, mine is that I'm just lazy to wash up. Plus, it's always nice to indulge a bit every now and then and Cheryl shares my enthusiasm for dessert.

While she's away, I'm in charge of keeping her fish and plants alive. *fingers crossed*

We had our school closing ceremony today. Yay! No more classes till next term. On my bus ride to school this morning it started snowing. Snowing a lot. It's very unusual for it to snow in Kobe, yet alone in December! Last year my planned Christmas ski trip was cancelled due to lack of snow. It was as if mother nature wanted to make things a little sweeter and dusted sugar from the sky. It was very pretty but way too cold.

It kept on snowing and after the closing ceremony when we walked outside the hall, the grounds were carpeted in snow. Enough snow for the students to run around happily making little snowmen and throwing snow-dirt balls at each other. I wanted to join in but remembered 'Oh yeah, I'm a teacher here.'

Plus I didn't want to trudge back into the staffroom with my work clothes all wet and dirty. For a while the buses also stopped and so the kids either had to walk home in the snow or wait till they started up again. Thankfully the buses were up and running by they time I finished work. I enjoy walking, but not when its freakin' freezing. I'm definately not looking forward to February which is meant to be the coldest month of all.

And what's this? ...

... It's my frozen olive oil in the kitchen.

Breathing mist inside the apartment is another bad sign too.


At 4:35 am, Anonymous Laynie said...

lol!! That there picture is a pure classic.


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