Sunday, December 25, 2005

Meri Kurisumasu!

Merry Christmas ya'll.

Hope your Christmas was spent with loved ones and made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I was meant to make Brendon bacon and eggs for breakfast/brunch but because I take too long to get ready, he made them for me. Thanks babe. Totemo oishii!

Brendon and I headed to Amanda and Rob's place where a bunch of Kobe JETs (mainly from Australia) were getting together for some Christmas festivities. It was a lunch and dinner all rolled into the afternoon and evening. We brought some cheese, crackers and ingredients to make Smores. Yummo! Leigh's garlic mashed potato was tasty. Along with fresh fruit (where did you guys find the mango?!), chicken nuggets and chicken, it was a very filling lunch. Was also very impressed with Amanda's Christmas tree too - so cute!

We left early to head into Sanners and met up with Sue Yen. I took them to Chada Thai and the eating continued. Not a very traditional Christmas dinner but delicious nonetheless, and damn was that Tom Yum spicy. I think we were still full from last night's dinner.

It's so surreal having Brendon here with me and celebrating Christmas together. It's the best present ever. Thanks for coming over again - it means so much to me.


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