Friday, December 23, 2005

Katsu's Christmas Party

Today is another national holiday; the Emperor's birthday. Happy birthday buddy!
Katsu organised a Christmas party at his house with the other students. They have one every year and 3 of them make up a little band playing the ukulele, piano and guitar.

They are called GUPi (Guitar, Ukulele, Piano). They played some popular Japanese folk songs and Christmas carols. We all joined in singing and had a jolly good ol' time. We ate so much food (surprise, surprise) and drank so much (after last week, I stuck too apple juice).

Katsu, who likes to pay attention to detail, gave us Christmas hats and little snowmen decorations, even the serviettes were christmas themed. I also got a flashing light bear magnetic badge. It's classic.

After that I headed into Sanners to meet Sue Yen for dinner and we went to Natraja, under Centre Gai, for some indian food. The mango lassis were really good and I was able to give her her birthday and Christmas presents. Hope you like it!

"Merry Christmas kids! Embrace the silly season."


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