Monday, December 26, 2005

Hiroshima & Miyajima

Today we set off on our trip to Hiroshima & Miyajima.

Although I've already been there, I wanted Brendon to be able to experience it for himself and it was the perfect quick and easy getaway.

We got up early and I made salmon and furikake onigiri for snacking on the shinkansen. After about 2 hours we arrived and headed straight for the A-bomb dome and Memorial park. Next we went to the Peace Museum then headed back to the station for lunch.

Brendon racing the shinkansen

The shinkansen won

Homemade onigiri

Tricycle and helmet (this story always gets me)

Shadow burnt into the wall and steps (and this one always shocks me)

At our internet table waiting for lunch

Brendon just had to have this photo of the fountain which looks like a big silver butt

We took a train to the port and got on a ferry bound for Miyajima. There we met some deer, saw the famous torii gate and took lots of photos. We also had deep fried custard momiji manju and Miyajima's famous oysters, fried and barbequed. Delicious.

Deep fried custard momiji manju on a chopstick

Deep fried oysters

Barbequed oysters

The giant rice scoop made out of momiji wood

When it got dark, the lanterns were lit up as well as the torii gate. It was too dark and cold to do the ropeway up Mt. Misen so we headed back to Hiroshima. We went to Okonomiyaki Mura so Brendon could try Hiroshimayaki. We are now both big fans of the stuff.

Then we walked to the Aster International Youth House, the really nice 3-star hotel I stayed in last time, and took photos of the lights along Heiwa-dori.

We were glad we did most of the sight seeing the first day because Brendon got a flu-bug or something and wasn't feeling all that great. So the next day we went for breakfast in this bakery cake shop with a cafe at the back then headed home.

I also brought Brendon to one of my adult English conversation classes and they had fun asking him lots of questions. They think he's a 'good guy.'


At 11:35 pm, Anonymous Michelle said...

o__O CHRISTINE! You look so pale!!! You need to come back 'ere and blecken yourself up again!!!!! Well hope you're having a wicked new years in Japan! SUGOI!

At 5:13 am, Blogger GC (God's Child) said...

Hello, stopping by from Karen Cheng's blog.
BTW, when I visited Miyajima, the gate was having construction done so I have a photo almost identical to yours but with green construction scaffolding all over it. Grrr...

At 2:53 pm, Blogger Christine said...

Michelle - hey you! hahaha no need to worry, it's just my poorly matched makeup. Plus it's Winter here so I get no sun. C'mon heat!! You take care, ok?

god's child - poor thing, that would suck ass big time. On that day they also closed Itsukushima shrine half an hour earlier than what the sign said and without any notice, so that didn't go down too well either.


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