Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The eating continues

We decided to sleep in today and boy, did we need it. We were pretty knackered from all the travelling and walking we did in Hiroshima and Miyajima.

Brendon made my favourite chicken corn soup the night before and I promised him I'd make him breakfast, which I did this morning - French toast with bananas, mayple syrup, blueberry jam and raspberry jam.

After doing our laundry and ironing, we dropped by Cheryl's place to feed her fish. Nearby her house we wandered around and came across a little yakitori store (which was really some person's transformed garage) which smelt too good to just walk by. So we had these very tasty chicken wings stuffed with gyoza filling and spring onion-chicken yakitori.

Cheryl - your place is fine; fish and plants alive and we so have to go to 'Daddy's Kitchen' next time.

That night we went to the Sky Buffet so Makoto and Kiyoko could meet Brendon and practise their English. Again we ate ourselves to about 5 months preggers point then rolled home.


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