Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas came early for me

I didn't sleep much.

Waiting up for early signs of Santa? Hardly. It was anticipating Brendon's second arrival in Japan that sent me into an excited frenzy. I had stocked up the fridge, bought fresh flowers for the apartment and was up quite late vacuuming, cleaning, washing, ironing (does it ever end?!), tidying up and just getting organised.

Eventually I made myself go to bed but ended up reading my new book. But soon thoughts of me having to get out by 5am in the dreadful cold made me turn off the lights.

Getting up bleary eyed at 5am in Japan's Winter, walking down the hill to the train station in heels and a skirt (oh, vanity!) and taking the 1 hour shuttle bus ride to Kansai International Airport ...what's love got to do with it? Everything, apparently.

Words can't describe how it felt when I saw him there at the airport. Finally. After all the waiting, all the long distance calls, all the frustrations, all the I miss you's - he was finally here again apart of my life in Japan. But it was bittersweet knowing that already time was ticking away until he would soon be gone again.

We jumped onto the bus and headed home. Although we were both tired, we just talked and laughed and smiled and did that thing that starry-eyed people in love do when they're together. You know, the thing that makes other people either go "Awwwww" or makes them sick.

It was Christmas Eve and my neighbours organised a dinner party. Last time Brendon was here we were meant to have a dinner party but I got sick and it got cancelled. So this time my neighbours got to meet Brendon properly. We made a malaysian style chicken curry with rice(Brahim's curry paste packets are so easy and too tasty) and brought over some Australian shiraz, Tim Tams and self-saucing chocolate pudding.

We had a feast! The others made a whole roast chicken (you can only buy whole chickens in the supermarkets around Christmas time) with mushrooms and Canadian wild rice stuffing, chilli prawns, bread with cheese, caviar, dips, olives, smoked salmon, a pork and potato dish in a tomato based stew, Mexican dip and homemade apple pie.

It was so nice to just relax and chat (and eat!) with Brendon and my neighbours. It was also great to have good homecooked food and people to share it with.

My apartment decked out for Christmas

My handmade Christmas wreath. That's right folks, I made it myself. Tea-sensei gave us the materials all from her garden.

The kids thought it was a splendid idea to run around sticking stickers on our faces


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