Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Yay for National Holidays

Today is Labour Thanksgiving Day.

Boy, do I appreciate national holidays. I actually have time to do stuff while the sun is still out. Laundry, vacuuming, airing out futons, studying, ironing and other boring but necessary stuff.

I finally met up with Sue Yen for the first time since she's moved over here. We met up in Sanners and I took her to Sapna for lunch. Their lunch set (and dinner sets) are great value for money and super tasty. Nan bread, lamb curry, chicken tikka, tandori chicken, salad and chai. We were too full for dessert so we went shopping instead. It's so great to have someone from back home now a part of my life in Japan. It was just like we were back home out shopping, talking, laughing and catching up. I could get an honest opinion on the clothes I was trying on, rattle off in English at normal speed and just indulge in the little things that I used to be able to do back home.

I got a message from Warren and we headed to the Sky Buffet to join him and some mates for dinner. Melvin and Will were both visiting Kansai and staying with Warren. They had just come from a day trip in Himeji. I also bumped into a 1st year student having dinner with his parents - that's a first!

War - Thanks for the message, always a pleasure. So bummed that I can't make it to Electraglide with you guys. Boo.
Will - Hope you had an amazing time in Japan & enjoy Electraglide.
Mel - Good luck for the JLPT! will keep an eye out for more DIY Winter workouts *double time*
SY - When's our next shopping adventure?


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