Sunday, November 13, 2005

I hate the F word

I've been down with a really, really, really bad Flu.

Here's a handy tip to all you other teachers out there, "After every class wash your hands AND gargle." It sucks getting sick - don't get sick, it sucks!

I spent all Sunday in bed.
Sleep. Wake up. Feel like crap. Take pills. Drink water. Sleep *repeat*
It was dreadful. I went to school on Monday and did one class but had to go see the doctor and go home. Now anti-biotics was chucked into the equation.

Thankfully I felt better by the weekend. I caught up with Cheryl for dinner on Friday night. She just got back from her whirlwind trip to Hong Kong to see Quidam. I was going to join her and Felicity but I have to save up on money and leave when Brendon gets here. We went to this really cool yakiniku place on the main street near our places, but ended up having bibimbap and this pork rib, chilli, rice, soup thing because we were way too buggered on a Friday to do our own yakiniku. It was taaaasty.

As always we were craving chocolate so we trekked it to the 7-eleven in the rain and bought a box each (so we could go halfsies) of the new Kit Kat flavours; wine and noir. The range of Kit Kat flavours here continues to amaze us. Every month or so they come up with a new flavour, it hits the shelves for a month or so then disappears. That's good when it's a crappy one like 'grape' flavour. (It's just way too weird. Tastes exactly like artificial grape flavoured lollies, think grape Hubba Bubba bubblegum.' However that's exactly how real grapes actually taste like in Japan - that topic deserves its very own post altogether!)

But when it's a totally tasty wicked new flavour one which should continue for ever and ever, like the Mayple syrup flavoured white chocolate one *YUMMM* it's always so distressing when you rock into your local 7-eleven ready to purchase one only to find that they've been taken off the shelf, never to resurface again.

So far I've had original and the King Size Big Finger ones (back in Australia), white chocolate (Hokkaido milk to be exact), grape, cappuccino, melon (as in rockmelon, a specialty of Hokkaido from Rui's trip - tasted exactly like rockmelon!), green tea and red bean, strawberry and now wine (tasted kinda like strawberry wine) and noir (just really bitter dark chocolate).

I'll keep you posted of new flavours.


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