Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hello Coldness

Complain, complain, complain.

First it was about the relentless hot, humid Summer, breaking a sweat just thinking about walking up the hill, and now it's the ranting of the freezing cold, sorry Autumn couldn't make it, why is there no insulation or central heating Winter.

I really think Autumn gave Japan the slip this year. Either that or Summer and Winter have teamed up because if I recall correctly, Spring didn't make an appearance either. My fans have been packed away and my itty-bitty electric heater is out and my reverse air-conditioner has been cranking. Soon I'll be whipping out my electric blanket and Winter quilt.

Also went to dinner with Cheryl, some of her teachers and her friend who was visiting from Perth en route to London. We went to this little restaurant nearby 'Umaimonya' which specializes in kushikatsu - things skewered on sticks and deep fried. Yummo. Then we went to 'Malibu', a hip and funky little cafe/bar for dessert. I always walk past it on my way to Porto Bazar but have never been there before. But after the cherry pie, mayple toast, yoghurt cheesecake and chocolate brownie we all tried, I think I'll be dropping by a lot more often.


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