Monday, October 24, 2005

What's in a name?

My kids are having exams now.

No classes for me. Yay. Usually this means plenty of time to catch up on reading, study Japanese, surf the Internet, reply emails and update my blog. However this time I've found myself extremely busy (how did this happen?) and even get through one day without logging on.

I've been busy preparing my lessons, doing up worksheets, helping some 3rd year students prepare for their university entrance English exams and interviews, making tests and marking them.

Anyways, for my 1st year classes I've been doing a telephone lesson. English-sensei and I teach the kids useful telephone conversation expressions, how to take messages and ask for and give their telephone numbers. For one exercise we pre-recorded ourselves as if I was leaving a message on English-sensei's answering machine. The students had to listen and take a message.

When marking their worksheets, these are the various ways they spelt my name;
(My students address me as "Chris")
~ Kurisu
~ Kris
~ Kliss
~ Cris
~ Clice
~ Kuris
~ Curis


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