Friday, October 07, 2005

Six Packs

...and I ain't talking about beer.

I do believe this is worthy for a post. One of the Japanese rafting guides was hot as! He wasn't part of our group but we saw him back at the Happy Raft base. I'm sure all the girls who were there know who I'm talking about. I'm guessing he knew it too because he was walking around without a top - hey I'm not one to complain, it was quite a hot day. But this guy was fully fit, defined, toned arms with a chiselled, washboard stomach that if you were to shoot rubber bullets at, as you do, they would bounce off and not even leave a dent. I'm sure I wasn't the only female there with widened eyes and my jaw on the floor.

At Sports day I was talking to one of my 2nd years, a basketball boy who had just finished his 100m race. It was hot and as he was muttering "Atsu, atsu" he was fanning himself with his sports shirt, as you do, and lo and behold were these amazing abs on my 17 year old student! Yikes! Where did they come from?! I had to look down and try to make my gawking less obvious.

I think you've been in Japan for too long when you start checking out your students...even moreso your teachers! oh dear. Thank goodness I'm teaching high school! *cough cough Rui cough* hahaha kidding!


At 2:34 pm, Anonymous Debra said...

Hi Christine

Just dropping a note to say hi. I stumbled across your blog from your sister's. Love to read about your adventures in quirky Japan!

At 11:00 pm, Anonymous Natalie said...

Girl, you are CLASSIC! keep those eyes down - hehehehehe.

MEOW. Have loads more fun and enjoy the warm weather, it's only just visiting us now.

At 11:35 pm, Anonymous andy said...

where are the photos of these hot abs christine.. no doubt u have kept them stashed away >:P jskjk hehe


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