Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Pleasant Phonecalls

Phonecall 1
Late one evening, my phone rings.
I don't usually get calls to my home phone unless it's my parents, Brendon or the frequent wrong number. I pick up and it's Weng Ho! What the? Surprise.

Wengers is a mate of mine from uni. He moved back to Malaysia after graduating and is working in his family's business. He was in Japan on business, Tokyo to be exact, which unfortunately meant we couldn't meet up. I haven't seen him in ages and it was really good to catch up on the phone and laugh about all the weird and wonderful things Japan has to offer ie. Akihabara's glorious electronics, super high-tech toilet seats, intelligent automatic sensor vacuum cleaners, porn available for PSP, Japanese food, Japanese business etiquette and the variety of snack foods.

Thanks for the call matey - it was really good to hear from you and hope we get to catch up again but next time in person.

Phonecall 2
Another night I get a call from Sue Yen.

It's all been confirmed and she's coming over to Japan Yay! She'll be working about an hours train ride (I think) from Kobe City. Double Yay! She's coming over with a private English company on a 1 year contract. I'm already planning all the cafes, bars and restaurants we have to try out, thinking about all the shopping adventures in store and relishing the thought of having someone from home to share all these crazy, new experiences with.

I'm very lucky and thankful for all of my new mates I've made over here in Japan, but there's nothing like having a close friend from home, who you've known since high school, to be able to share things with and look out for each other.

I was ever so grateful for Rui being in Japan (although Saitama) during my first year here and it really made a difference to how I adjusted to my new environment. We were able to support each other because we were going through the same things.

Which leads to...

Phonecall 3
Just stepped out of the shower and I get a call from Rui.

It was really good to hear from her and how she was adjusting back to life, post-Japan. Culture shock, the end of the LDR, family, career - everything. It's only a matter of time till it's my turn. Things have changed, people have changed, places have changed...we have changed.

What is it like to wake up in a real, proper bed? What is it like to just jump into your car and drive to get somewhere? Without worrying if your ipod is charged up because you have a car stereo? What is it like to not have to translate things into English then Japanese or vice versa in your head before speaking? What is it like to be able to see your family again? What is it like to be able to wear heels again without worrying about all the walking up hills?

It's one thing to leave home, but it's a totally different thing to return, pick up where you left from and continue.


At 5:10 pm, Anonymous Q said...

Hiya Chris-e,

What an adventure you are having! Thanks for letting us come along on the ride so far. And I know at times it doesnt feel so, but it really has gone by fast. And now with SY there with you, you 2 girls are going to have a blast I'm sure of it :)

Keep each other safe
Miss you both

At 10:49 pm, Blogger Loreen said...

I hear ya...will be weird going back to Perth after the sheer size and general busy-ness of London, not to mention everyone who will be engaged/married/have had a baby.


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