Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween - a lot tamer this year round

Although I had told myself last year that I would definately be doing the Osaka Halloween Loopline Party again, this year I didn't get round to it.

Party pooper. Boo. I know...I know and I shake my head as I type this. As much as I wanted to go, get dressed up, see all the other outfits and weirdos out there and join in the madness and mayhem that the event is, I just wasn't fully up to it. I haven't done and all-nighter for ages and right now being so busy, I don't think my body could cope with one.

But on Saturday night I did go out and had a really good night.

Andy, Sachi and their baby girl Sasha were visiting from Nara so we all met up for dinner. We went to "Tooth Tooth - the dining garden," a very nice restaurant at the top of the Kobe International Building. It has cosy tables inside and outside tables in an open air garden on the roof. Dinner and dessert were delicious - definately going back there again.

They had to leave after dinner for the long drive back so with the night still young, Hana, Leigh and myself headed to Chey's for drinks and then went on a nice stroll around the Kitano area in search of the Hello Kitty Love Hotel. Alas, we didn't find it but with great company it was an amusing and educational walk nonetheless.

All the best for your operation Leigh! All for the love of soccer. After you recover, we'll take you out to find some lovely hostesses (not the "Go-sen" ones from China) to accompany you to buy danishes, pastries and late night desserts.

On Monday (Halloween) night I knocked on my neighbours' doors and gave their little boys lollybags. One of the boys was sleeping so his mother carried him to the door to say 'Thank you' and the other, quickely put on a pumpkin suit from Universal Studios Japan. They even gave me a lollybag - it was so cute.

Mister Pumpkin

The lollybag I got!


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