Saturday, September 24, 2005

Umeda, Osaka

I met up with Chieko today in Osaka.

After finding a convenience store to buy bandaids for my new formed blister friend (oh when will I learn?!) we hit up Hep 5 for some shopping. Chieko was wearing a gorgeous pair of black, pull-up, suede boots that you can adjust the length by 'scrunching'. Perfect! So I eneded up going home with a lovely pair myself.

She took me to 'Colors' for some coffee and cake. It's an awesome cafe with funky decor, chilled atmosphere and a long waiting list. I had a hazelnut latte with the green tea brulee and she had the chiffon roll with her ice mocha - both were scrumptious!

After doing all the levels of Hep 5 and briefly checking out the new renovations at Hankyu department store, we met up with a uni mate of hers, Yuko. Starving at this point, we followed a restaurant flyer guy with his coupons to this hidden away, nicely decked out, Italian style, wine, izakaya joint. The food was really good and surprisingly not too expensive too.

Chieko & me

Being a Saturday night it was crowded everywhere. Not keen for karaoke we headed to a 'game centre' to try our luck at bowling but it was going to be a 1 1/2 hour wait. The bowling places look pretty hip and happening with their big video screens and vending machine-style bowling shoe dispenser - I kid you not. Next time I'll take photographic evidence.

We headed downstairs to the UFO catcher games just for a laugh but Chieko ended up winning a Big Bird toy thing and I won a Cookie Monster toy thing. Beginners luck? We also went on the 'Hep 5 Big Wheel' ferris wheel - the big red one you see when you get out of JR Umeda station. It was my first time and the view was so nice at night, you could even see Osaka Castle. Our night ended with drinks at Starbucks.

Yuko & Chieko


At 11:50 pm, Blogger Danielle said...

Wow! Sounds like a lot of fun!
I wish we had cool places like that around here. Especially the resteraunts. Fast food is really the only thing on the menu.
Your food descriptions made my mouth water.


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