Friday, September 16, 2005

It was the strangest thing...

I just knew today was going to be an interesting day.

It just has to be when you wake up after having a vivid dream of sharing a taxi with Richard Grieco hahaha remember him from that 90's flick If looks could kill? Man, he was so hot.

I don't know how, why or what-the-hell but I dreamt that as I was leaving the airport in a hurry to get somewhere and I ended up sharing a taxi with Mr. Grieco (who looked exactly the same as he did in the movie). Random. But I did wake up at 6am thinking, "Did I just dream that?"

Today after school as I was running to the bus stop I passed this little boy dawdling on his bicycle. As I ran (not very fast as I was soon getting puffed out and am unfit) past him I heard the little cogs in his brain click 'I'm going to to outride that girl running!'

I decided to pick up the pace as he rode as fast as his little legs could peddle. I was already puffed out and sweating when I wondered what the heck I was doing?!? I slowed down to a walk. As the little boy rode past me with his head held up high in triumph, I could only laugh at what just happened and myself. *You Eeiidiot!* He heard me snickering to myself, turned around and grinned at me cheekily. You didn't need to know Japanese to understand what his little cogs were clinking, 'Me - 1, Silly, slowpoke girl - 0.'


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