Sunday, September 25, 2005

Hey Big Spender! Dig my blender.

Things that make me smile on the outside and inside...

...drinking from cups or bowls bigger than my face
...the clinking of ice in a cocktail
...eating a piece of watermelon bigger than my head
...Summer nights
...walking in the rain then soaking in a hot bath
and buying new things!

I bought a new floor table and it got delivered this morning! Yes I know it's only a table but I'm so excited! I also bought blue and white floor cushions to go with it. Now I can actually have a decent table in my living room for entertaining dinner parties.

I also bought a blender! Woo hoo! Banana smoothies comin' my way! I tried out my blender by making some pesto. My poor basil plant was drooping because I hadn't been harvesting. Tasty.

My bare basil plant with pesto chicken


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